Monday, January 5, 2009

Clean Slate

Well, the time came... we packed up all the holiday decor. Not sure why, but the house always feels empty when I do this - each & every year! It is no surprise I am putting stuff away, it happens every year - yet every year it still feels empty. Oh well... we have what you would call a clean slate once again.

Now we are working on some purging, rearranging and storage solutions - all requirements of living in a small home. Yesterday I picked up a new storage bin organizer for Holly's kitchen arrangement (really organized her stuff), we moved her mini art studio (aka desk & easel) to the living room, moved her old storage bins to accommodate all her Little Pet Shop character, My Little Ponies and Ponyville characters and her 5 gazillion plastic animals. The funniest part of all this is when I move an old toy to a new location or new bin... it was suddenly *new* again! I love it! She played with plastic animals for a long time last night - introducing her Ponyville characters to her horses and dinosaurs.

In the mean time I have some ideas for a festive Valentine house. Holly is pretty excited for hearts, pink and sweets (ha!). So, we'll start getting this house all prettied up with some frilly hearts (which she has already created some at her new art desk), valentines, candies and the such!

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