Thursday, January 15, 2009

A New Chapter

Reading is huge in our home. Books are everywhere. We have outgrown our bookshelves and the books are now spilling into other rooms, baskets and the car. The library is like an old family friend we visit weekly.

Holly is no exception for the love of reading in our family, she adores it. I have mentioned that she is now sounding out her own words and is doing a really nice job. On our last trip we picked up some simple phonetic books for her own enjoyment and she is loving them. It is a book she can do all on her own. From these books she is also learning some sight words, like 'the', that we have not really covered yet. Very exciting!

But, what is even more exciting is that we have moved over to chapter books! I am so happy about this simply because this opens an entire new world of literature for her to enjoy! The past couple days and nights we have been enjoying the story of Cinderella. She was intently listening and you could see her envisioning the scenes, magic and tales from the story. It was wonderful! She now wants to read Beauty and Beast, so we will begin that this afternoon. I can't wait!!!

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Wingnut said...

Having a new reader is such an exciting time! I still read to my 10.5 yr old. It helps him relax and sleeps better as a result. The trick for us now is to find books we can both enjoy.