Monday, January 26, 2009

ABC's of Life...

For Christmas Bryan & Holly gave me a little decorative plaque that I picked out called the ABC's of Life. I had seen one of these years ago while out with a friend, fell in love with it then and have always wanted one. I love that you have a nice little life reminder around daily - something that makes you kind of stop and think for a moment about what is important, how to approach the day, how to share in the love of life and if nothing else... something to make you smile a bit. I still have a lot to follow or learn - a good little life lesson. I really like what it says - so, I thought I'd share it here. Enjoy!

Accept Differences Be Kind Count Your Blessings Dream Express Thanks Forgive Give Freely Harm No One Imagine More Jettison Anger Keep Confidences Love Truly Master Something Nurture Hope Open Your Mind Pack Lightly Quell Rumors Reciprocate Seek Wisdom Touch Hearts Understand Value Truth Win Graciously Xericscape Yearn For Peace Zealously Support A Worthy Cause

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Denise said...

The plaque sounds like words to live by!