Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Taddy, Ribbit, Speckles & Hoppy

On Sunday Holly got out her old plastic animal container, one we used for tadpoles last year and the year before. We cleaned it up and filled it with water and started to create a frog habitat. The water has to rest for a day or two so that the chemicals in it wear off or it can kill the tadpoles/frogs.

Once the water has rested she did a quick nature hunt for rocks, sticks and tidbits for her frog habitat. We also washed them off with clean water and then she set up her little tank how she likes. She spent some time making it just right.

Last night we went out and chose four tadpoles to catch and introduce to her new habitat in the house. Their names are Taddy, Ribbit, Speckles and Hoppy. They have settled in nicely. We have one that is a bit larger than the others, but overall they are still very young and little. So, we are getting to observe this from the very beginning. What I think will be fun is that we can watch them inside and outside. I think we will compare how they do - will the tadpoles outside mature quicker than our indoor friends or visa versa?

This has become a fun yearly tradition for our family, one we all look forward to. Normally we only do one or two tadpoles, this is the most we have ever captured to observe. Should be a fun time. Welcome to the family Taddy, Ribbit, Speckles and Hoppy!

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