Monday, May 24, 2010

Anderson Island - photo heavy

We spent another wonderful weekend out at Anderson Island. We spent the morning doing a nice little nature walk and exploration of the gardens, grass field and old structures over at their island farm. This is a fun spot to spend a morning - beautiful flowers, neat garden, birds galore, amazing old buildings and much fun to be had! Deer tracks we discovered.
Banana slug enjoying some breakfast!

Later in the day we headed down to the beach for some beach combing! We found many great treasures and critters. A friend gave us this neat card to help identify beach animals. It was so fun to use and try to identify various shells and such. We did a nice walk that started out in the sunshine however it quickly started to sprinkle and then before we knew it a hail storm passed by. Luckily this beach has a lot of tree cover along the cliff wall - so, we all hung out under the trees for a bit while it passed and then wrapped up our beach excursion. Looking for sea lions that are bobbing about in the water, watching us. Always a fun activity!
The sprinkles start in slowly....
The the heavy rain begins....
Then the hail moves in!

Waiting the out the squall!
Rain & Hail.... Yet it is still so beautiful!

It was a wonderful weekend!

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