Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Celebration at the Zoo

On Holly's actual birthday we have a tradition of spending the day together as a family, typically we head to the zoo or a children's museum. This year we chose the Point Defiance Zoo. The weather was a bit sketchy - clouds and rain. We took our chances though and headed across town and lucked out with wonderful weather! It did not rain one time the whole day we were at the zoo and in fact the sun peaked through in time for an out door picnic at the zoo.
We had a great time checking out the far side of the zoo that we normally do not hit - the birds, polar bears, walruses, sea otters and seals. They were all very active for us and we lucked out for a polar bear talk and feeding as well as a feeding and talk at the sea otter exhibit and the sea lions. As well, we caught the animal presentation they are practicing for the upcoming summer season and saw baby meerkats! It was such a wonderful day!

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Yvonne said...

That sounds like the best zoo trip ever! I love the last photo, super cool! :)