Monday, May 3, 2010

Early Birthday Present

Holly will be five in a couple of weeks... I am still not sure where the time has gone! Her party theme is Dinosaurs as she has a love for all things dino. So, for her birthday we chose to finally get her the Playmobil dinosaur set she had been asking for for the past year as well as some other fun dinosaur stuff. However, this weekend we gave her the Playmobil set early along with a really nice play table that Bryan and Grandpa Hawk built for her.

We surprised her after her nap, she woke up and when she came out the living room was set up with the table and her packages. She was a bit confused wondering if we had tricked her and it was really her birthday, but then we explained and she was very excited!
She had a great time opening up a present at a time and then spending time with me helping to build all the landscaping parts. Playing a bit with each set before she opened another package. We spent a couple of hours just opening and playing as we built - a nice way to enjoy the afternoon for sure!

The reason we gave it to her early is because she will be sharing this big play table and play set with her friends at her birthday party. We figured it might be a good idea to have some time before hand to let her play with it before being required to share it all. She is so excited to share it with her friends! And, she has already spent hours playing with it all!

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linda said...

Love the table. That playmobile set looks amazing, I will have to look into that for Nathan's birthday in September.