Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Changing Daily

Hudson will be three months this weekend and he is changing daily. He really has become the sweetest little boy, very happy and full of smiles! Make my heart melt! Hudson is in love with his big sister -- follows her with his eyes, smiles so big, laughs with her and studies her every move.

He is also a lot more interested in his toys now which has been very fun for us all! He loves his play mat and goes bananas with it while he is kicking his legs and arms while laughing. Very cute to watch! We also put him in his excessive, just tucked in with blankets for sturdiness. His head and neck control and perfect and he loves this toy - his body is just too small, so we tuck. He starts this marching pattern and gets going loudly while he talks and the toys are shaking, rattling and singing.... and then he starts laughing. It is cute!
Of course when ever I get the camera out for photos he stops or I miss the good laughing shots. He usually becomes obsessed with following the camera around. I'll move it, he'll start smiling so I'll bring it back to take a photo and he stops to study the camera. Not sure how to get around that, except for taking a ton of photos.... then maybe he'll get used to it.

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