Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dinosaur Artist

For Holly's birthday she received a book on various art projects you can do about dinosaurs. Many of them are drawing, sketching, coloring and painting inspired art works. She has been loving this book and exploring it a lot.

She has sat down and followed the various step by step instructions on how to create dinosaurs. Her art is so cute and personally I am impressed at her ability to take her time and really try out the project at hand with pretty good success. Granted she is five and her art work is a child's work, but I think she has done a really nice job and most of all is having a lot of fun while doing it... and that is what is important!
Here she had to draw the dinosaur in a step by step method and erase the parts not used in the final product. She then drew a simple scene and water colored the picture. You can see her artwork and then the book teaching her.
Here she drew the dinosaur (green one) with a home made dinosaur (not sure what it is) chasing it through a scene of stickers. Again, her drawing is first and then the book.
Finally here she did water color eggs in various colors with either dinosaurs hatching out of the tops of the eggs or the middles peeping through. Below her painting is the books example she copied. This one was a lot harder for her to do, not sure why but it was. She worked through it though and was happy with her final project.

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Yvonne said...

I'm impressed too! Josie is loving her dinosaur book as well! :)