Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Art

Yesterday we kept busy with some fun Easter themed art projects. We also did a bit of holiday decorating and have enjoyed reading several Easter & Spring books. It has been a good week! Tonight we are looking forward to coloring our Easter Eggs... another creative experience we enjoy -- usually more than once a year. Who says you have to wait for Easter, right?

Anyhow, Holly enjoyed creating a paper chain using pink, purple and yellow paper strips. To her those were Easter colors. She loves to use Daddy's stapler. Even though the paper chain is a fun activity and requires good hand skill - reality is, she would have had as much fun just stapling a bunch of paper over and over. Maybe someday I'll let her do that.
We also made these cute paper Easter eggs. This one seemed like a fun little project so I decided to make one too. Holly is always wanting us to also make art with her, our own projects - sometimes we do and sometimes we pass. Today, I jumped in and had fun! The eggs took a long time and required a lot of work -- they took about an hour and half to make. We made our designs on the eggs, cut a ton of little colored tissue squares and then crinkled them all up to glue onto our patterns. I am sure Holly's little fingers were tired by the time we were done. She held up well to this project and had fun doing it. And, I must say that she is pretty darn proud of how well her egg turned out too!

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wholarmor said...

Cute crafts! Have a happy Easter!