Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Playing Games

Holly enjoys playing games.... really enjoys it! We have a huge collection of games in our house and love all of them. A couple days or nights a week we play a family game and we play one on one with Holly a lot. She has really improved in her skills, patience, counting, math, logic, strategy and sportsmanship.

Since she has really developed a good skill for games and her ability to play older games is growing we have had to expand our collection to 'big kid' games! Although we do sometimes play the preschool classics like Candyland, Hi Ho Cherry Oh and Chutes & Ladders... she really adores older games like Aggrevation, Trouble, Pictureka, Othello, Blokus and most recently Battleship (She is pretty darn good for playing on her own too! She has really mastered her grid and sinking ships in a logical order.)

In fact, she beat me at Othello earlier this week! I see many more games in our future and many more challenges with Holly as her skills improve.

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linda said...

I am going to have to get Othello for Tobi to play. He loves playing board games and loves monopoly, life, clue and battleship. He is starting to play scrabble as well