Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sunshine Fun

The past few days have been filled with amazing weather, Spring is definitely here and we are loving it! Much of our time has been spent outside which included the zoo. We finally renewed our membership after much debate... we use the zoo a lot and would probably use it more with a membership. Choosing which institutions we want to be members of is a hard one, but we do have to make choices throughout each year - this year the zoo won! So, we took in a full afternoon of sunshine, playtime and animals.

The play area they have created is just wonderful, a favorite spot of ours. When we hit the zoo we must always spend some time if not half of our time in the play zone. They have created a wonderful physical space that encourages children to move like animals - climbing, hanging, jumping, running, sliding, shaking, etc. A different approach to play equipment and Holly adores it.

Each time we go to the zoo we check out a different area, as the whole zoo in one can be just a tad too much still. So, we split it down the middle and rotate out the aquarium. This day we enjoyed the Asian side with a visit to the elephants, tigers, monkeys, anoas, porcupines and river otters. The river otters were by far the hit of the day -- they were actually in a natural setting for them, a running river. First time we have seen them in that exhibit and they couldn't have been any happier, it was great! They were incredibly playful, energetic and adorable to boot.

And, then he was just beautiful - I couldn't resist!

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