Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dino Days

Yesterday we took Holly up to the Burke Museum in Seattle to explore Dino Days. Our friends shared with us about this event and it was a great treat - well worth it! Especially for a kiddo who is really into dinosaurs, fossils and all things related. She was in heaven!
The Burke museum is dedicated to dinosaurs all day on Dino Day - a lot of fun kid activities, hand on exploration, paleontologists on hand to talk with, tons of fossils... and even fossils for the kids to break open and find! Which was Holly's favorite part by far.

Not all of the rock had fossils however each child left with a fossil in hand. This activity was sponsored by the Stonerose Interpretive Center in Republic, Eastern Washington. We have been wanting to take her out there and this offered us a little taste of what that might be like and I would venture to say this is definitely on our list of 'to do' destinations now!

You cannot tell from this photo -- however, Holly is very excited to have officially started her very own fossil collection... her idea! We actually let her do this fossil thing twice yesterday (shhh!) and she now has two fossils to begin her collection.

Here she is checking out some fossilized broken up dinosaur bones. They let the kids play with them and see if they can put the bones back together.

And, before leaving we picked out a couple of special treats to enjoy at home. Some geode rocks to break open and compare the insides of, which was quickly done this morning with Daddy. And, she picked out a new dinosaur to excavate out of a brick... again she promptly began work on her new little project very excitedly!

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