Saturday, March 13, 2010

Learning Shamrock Style

Holly has been enjoying some fun learning and various art projects centered around our upcoming holiday, St. Patrick's Day. She loves when we do fun projects around the holidays, for some reason it makes things a lot more exciting at this age.

She enjoyed doing some fine motor skills with blunt tweezers, a mini shamrock ice tray and green beads. She transferred the beads one by one into the tray and back. Then she transferred them in pairs and practiced counting by two's to thirty. A fun way to practice that skill, a skill she has been really working on lately. Who knew playing with tweezers could be so much fun?
Here you can see she is writing her "counting out by two's" down.We also made some various art projects - but this was one of her favorites. She made a big cloud, cut it out and then cut her rainbow out. The rainbow was then done in collage with various bits from our collage collection.

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