Saturday, March 13, 2010

Illustrations by...

Lately Holly has been very interested in who has illustrated the books we are reading. She has even made connections between various books with the same illustrators. For example she knows that Jane Chapman has illustrated all of the 'Bear Books' and a book called 'The Very Busy Day' -- done by different authors. I personally find this pretty impressive she has noticed considering we own hundreds of books.

She has also began drawing pictures and pointing out that she is the illustrator of her artwork.

This morning she wrote a small 'story' and did a great drawing... however, her main focus was to make sure she wrote 'illustrations by Holly'. She picked out a book and copied the words down and added her name. Pretty cool!

Here is her little story, which is based off of our group camping trip to Staircase this summer. The kids all played in the water next to our campsite and swimming hole, they built little rock walls in the river to pool the water up (many hours spent doing this). Here is her version, in her own words (she sounded them out herself):

"The rivr was fun. I plad with Kevin, Kristin, Droo, Ean. Illustrations By Holly"
The river was fun. I played with Kevin, Kristin, Drew and Ian. Illustrations by Holly.
Not bad for four years old!

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Bob & Becky said...

This is fantastic. Sounds like Holly is left brained and right brained!