Monday, April 12, 2010


Saturday we took Holly to a local children's gardening program that is sponsored through WSU Master Gardener's program. It is a great program for kids! We have attended several classes in the past couple of years and plan to do more this year. Saturday the theme was on Mason Bees. They learned all about the Mason Bee, their homes, how they live, how they lay eggs, what they eat, etc. It was pretty cool. The kids also got to head out and explore the Jack in the Bean Stalk garden geared towards children. When the whole session was over the kids all left with a Mason Bee nesting block. We are in the process of searching out the perfect home for our new nesting block within Holly's exploration garden.

After that class we high tailed it out to attempt to catch the Daffodil Parade in Sumner - we made it just in time and didn't even have to rush. The day was perfect once again for this parade - sunshine galore! Holly enjoys a good parade... and so do I. It made for a good afternoon and a tired evening fit for relaxing!

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