Sunday, April 11, 2010

Science Gal

Holly loves all things science and nature... there is no denying that! She has a mind for it. Most little girls her age are really into dress up, princess characters and all things 'girlie'. Holly likes those things, but she will choose a science based activity or toy in a heartbeat over the girlie options in life.

Today was a good dose of reality for me. I was picking up the living room after she spent the morning reading and playing. I was not picking up My Little Ponies or Barbies or Polly Pockets, rather I was picking up books, binoculars and magnifying glasses. This is how I found my coffee table.... and this is just a sampling of her science/nature books -- we have a ton of them! And, I might comment while I was cleaning this up she was in the bathroom washing her magnifying glass in order to inspect her garden for bugs.

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linda said...

Tobi and Holly would get along well. He also loves anything related to Science and is always wanting to do experiments and invent things.