Friday, April 23, 2010

Earth Day

Yesterday was Earth Day. All this week Holly and I have been doing a lot of talking about earth day, reading about it, doing some crafts and learning projects on it. She has been asking all week about doing a nature trail on Earth Day that we could collect garbage on. So, I arranged to do that and some friends joined us. Not sure if we collected much garbage but she had a good time.

We started off with playing at the playground in which we saw a dad and his child walk up to toss out a couple bags of garbage... they had beat us to it. Bummer! So, the park was clean already.
Our friends brought along bread for the ducks in which the kids enjoyed feeding as we walked (not much garbage being collected). We crossed over to a different little trail... still not much garbage for the kids but a lot of running ahead, looking in the water, tossing some stones and exploring. Finally we made it over to a different playground. Garbage? Still not much collected. Except for our friend, she did a fantastic job of cleaning up the playground! She did really well for the earth, better than the rest of us on the walk did. Oh well, we did collect some garbage - better then nothing I suppose. Guess that is what happens when someone else beats you to the trail on Earth Day.

The kids did have a really good time taking a walk, feeding ducks and playing... so, we did appreciate a good dose of nature today!

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