Monday, January 4, 2010

Lego Fun

This Christmas was a big Lego holiday for Holly.... and Bryan! She had a basic set already and really enjoyed building with it. We took her to the Lego store last month and she had a really nice time selecting a bunch of random Lego pieces to add to her collection. Over the holiday Jingle the Elf left her a Christmas Tree Lego set and a Snowman Lego set - which she had a great time putting together.

Well, much to her excitement she also received a large farm set for Christmas and a tractor set. As well, when Holly did her shopping for Daddy for Christmas she chose a tractor set for Daddy and a car/motorcycle set. So, we have a LOT of new Lego's in our home right now.
Bryan and Holly have been spending time slowly putting together all of her new sets. Bit by bit, her little farm will be assembled for play. She is pretty excited. Yesterday I was out for most of the day but when I came home she could not wait to tell me all about the parts they built while I was gone!

I love that she enjoys Lego's - they are a wonderful toy that offers great skill building opportunities like logic skills, direction following, fine motor, etc. And, I love that Bryan really works Holly through the building vs doing it for her. She is always so very proud of her work when she is done and you can't get a toy that offers much better fun than that!


wholarmor said...

Fun! My kids love playing Legos- including my big kid! He brought his Legos with us on our honeymoon, lol.

It's a great activity for them to enjoy together!

Team Russi said...

Legos are a great, classic toy.
I have already determined that this is a toy that we'll keep forever.