Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Museum Of Flight

Saturday we spent the day with Tex & Annette - we enjoyed breakfast together, Museum of Flight and then dinner. A full day of fun! Holly had a great time and did a wonderful job through it all with no nap - amazing!

The Museum of Flight is a large museum filled with airplanes of all shapes and sizes, flying devices, historic pieces, a gallery on space/NASA, movies, Amelia Earhart and a small children's area to boot. You can go on to the Concord and on an retired Air Force One - pretty cool.

There were some areas that are more interesting to myself than others of course, but to really enjoy the museum it will have to be alone with older children. That being said though, Holly really loved the museum and all that it offered! I see many homeschooling opportunities down the road involving the Museum of Flight.
Holly making a rocket with the help of Grandma.

Our astronauts in the family...

Bryan & Tex landing a shuttle. Mine crashed - badly!

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