Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Writing & A Spacer Stick

Holly loves to write. Really loves it! (<--- that just makes my heart smile!)

We try not to really help her with her spelling (as in telling her what to write) but rather help her to walk through sounding out her words to come up with the spelling. We do talk about some basic rules of sounds along the way, for instance what sound t and h make together or the s and h. As she progresses she picks those up and as she is writing she will make the proper connections to her sounds and the correct spelling of those portions of the words. Other than that, her writing is based off of basic phonetic sounds for now - perfectly normal and wonderful all at the same time! I mean who cannot smile when you read a note or picture for 'Ant Soo' (Aunt Sue).

When she writes through her words are a serious run-on of letters that an unsuspecting person would have no idea what to do with. Fortunately Bryan and I have learned to work our way through her writing and not offend her when reading. To help her with this I picked up a great tip from a fellow blogger to offer a 'spacing stick' otherwise known as a Popsicle stick. It works great! As she finishes up a word she then places her spacer stick down and starts her new word on the other side - perfect! Reading is much easier for the adults in her life now!

This says: "Would yoo like to come to mi piknc To Mom an Dad"

OR, 'Would you like to come to my picnic? To Mom and Dad'

Kind of hard to read as one long word.

And, here she is writing a birthday card to her friend using a space stick - much easier to read the individual word.

"To: Gen, Happe Brthda From: Holly"

OR, "To: Gen, Happy Birthday From: Holly"

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