Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mixed Emotions

Holly and I have had a few snugly talks lately about the various changes that are coming to our family with the arrival of a new baby. Good talks! She is very excited for her new sibling, as in 'I cannot wait any longer' however she is also a bit reserved with some mixed emotions too - which is to be expected.

We talk about all the fun stuff we'll be able to do with a sibling, how to have fun with a baby, the extended time Daddy will have off for some fun and the new memories we will all create together as a family. We discuss all that will change and all that will remain for the most part, the same. And, yes -- we talk about the crying, late nights and diapers too. Over all though, she is really good about it all.

However, lately she has shared a few sad moments where she is worried that Mom & Dad won't have enough time to snuggle her as much, play as much or have the time for her. So, we have had to have some time reassuring her that life will still be good and happy. A little different, but in a good way. Her emotions of course are mixed, but calming too.

I am making sure I have some extra special time her right now since I'll be the most occupied with the baby -- where we get out and do a few things alone that are special and something she might even choose. Yesterday we went out and did some shopping for her to choose a 'birth-day' present for the baby that she'll bring to the hospital. She got to choose whatever she wanted, the wrapping paper and all. She came home and wrapped it all up and it now sits by the front door so that she won't forget to bring it when she meets her new brother or sister.

Later this week I think I am going to take her for special treat of donuts and cocoa or a walk in the park looking at nature. We have spent the afternoons snuggled over books, doing art projects and playing dolls. We'll just enjoy these last days together, creating some memories and enjoying the calmness that is now... snuggles and all!

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