Friday, January 29, 2010

Some Learning Fun

This week we have been learning a bit about 'arctic animals' from a story we read with our preschool friends as our inspiration for the week, The Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett. We broke out various story books in our home on arctic animals, researched some various animals in nature books we have, watched two Planet Earth episodes on ice animals and then did some learning pages per Holly's request. I also branched out to some basic winter themes in our week.

Today she enjoyed a penguin sequencing game, arctic word search, animal reading and more! She was able to enjoy some cutting, pasting, coloring. writing and creating -- and a fun graph that we did with Valentine candy hearts for fun! Once we tackled all the little projects I had ready... she asked for more! That is when I had to encourage her to head off and play in her room for a bit.

Here are some photos of her projects she enjoyed today -- you'll see that she really loved the graph. She first estimated that there would be equal numbers of all the colored hearts and much to her surprise they were not equal. She then wanted to compare a second box to see if they are all the same.... but, I have to wonder if this was not a play for more candy? Maybe a different day we'll do this again and compare notes for fun! In the mean time.... enjoy some photos:

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