Thursday, February 17, 2011


Hudson spends most of his time crawling and cruising around the house, the main part of the house for those who know he has a 'play area' (which gets little use). Every day we bring out a few toys for him to enjoy in the main part of the house and he explores to his little hearts content - keeping this mom very busy. Especially when we are homeschooling... that is a whole new lovely challenge that we are actually doing quiet well with.

While he is exploring we leave his bedroom door open for him to be in his room. There are a few toys for him in there too. Well, last night Hudson was in his room for literally moments and this is what we found...


He likes to play in the lowest drawer. Today he expanded that play area to include several drawers... all over the place!

I think I have my hands a lot more full with Hudson then I ever did with Holly!

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