Monday, February 28, 2011

Let The Fun Begin

This weekend Hudson finally got some walking under his belt. I wish I had thought to take the camera out more, but with my lens broke and having to use a different one - it is just not easy taking photos. Boo! Good news.... a new one is in the mail today and will hopefully be here very soon - then life can resume to normal with photos, yay!

Back to Hudson - he is up and moving! He doesn't just move from a couch or hands to walking, but stands up mid room and goes. So cute! I don't know how a little one does it, he had to fall on his bumpkis about hundred times the other night and just kept getting up with smile. A great lesson for us all I suppose!

Anyhow, here are some photos to share....

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linda said...

He is so adorable. He will be running before long. The Philadelphia Cooking Cream Cheese is really really good. We used the Italian herb one and I really want to try the santa fe one next.