Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hudson's First Birthday

Hudson turned one yesterday... one! I cannot even begin to say how quickly this past year has flown by. I feel like it was just a couple months ago that Hudson joined our family. He has added so much joy and happiness to our family and each day is an exciting new journey together.

At one Hudson is a curious, sweet little boy. His smile makes my heart melt and his interest in stuff keeps me on my toes most days. He loves balls and things that move. Hudson adores his big sister and will follow her about the house. The cats are a joy for him, he loves to pat them and go for their tails... and they still come back for more. We are learning to be gentle! He adores music and time with Daddy and all things guitar, dancing and music. Hudson can say a couple of words - when he chooses: mama, dada, cat and uh oh. He babbles a lot. He drools. He is a star cruiser and spends a majority of his day cruising around the house to see what he can get into. He is not walking just yet, he'll take a step and then go down to the ground - he is working on his confidence. His eyes are beautiful... one day blue then next a hazel color. Has eight teeth. Hudson has an amazing giggle. He loves his mommy. Loves to snuggle and cuddle. He enjoys reading books in the warmth of my arms... he loves to sit in a pile of books and explore them for a long, long time. Hudson is an amazing little boy who shares joy each day and fills our heart with love.

Happy 1st Birthday Hudson!

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