Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fairy Garden

This morning I took Holly to a sweet little class that was offered at the Windmill Nursery in a neighboring town. The class was designed for the children to create a miniature garden for a special toy, in which Holly brought along Tinkerbell.... whom she loves! I have to admit, I was expecting a much smaller project and was pleasantly surprised at the size of garden they created.

They chose their pots and then had to decide if they wanted to create in an indoor or outdoor garden. Holly decided on an indoor garden. The host then took her over to the proper area of plants, explained several to her by name and talked about how they will grow. Which helped Holly decide how she wanted to design her garden. A great learning experience.

Then the host taught them the proper planting techniques and helped as needed... and then the fun part. The decorated their little gardens in whatever they liked: colored rocks, shells, sand, natural materials, etc. It was really fun for Holly, very creative and a learning experience too! The left with directions on proper care. Tinkerbell is enjoying her new home!

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linda said...

I would love to find a class like that in our area. Love the pictures.