Thursday, June 10, 2010

On to Kindergarten

This week Holly finished up preschool.

Over the years we have been meeting weekly with friends over a co-op style preschool. We have enjoyed a wonderful blend of amazing moms who are very talented in creating weekly learning themes filled with games, activities, projects, manipulative's, stories, fun, music, science and foods. It has been nice to have moms who know my child personally, me personally and a day filled with good friends all these years - you cannot find that at just any ol' preschool center.
Our final day with our preschool friends was a theme chosen by the kiddos. This final week we were down to the girls as a few friends had to part a bit early, so the girls chose a Princess Day! What a great way to end the journey together. They came dressed in their favorite princess outfits (Holly chose Tinkerbell), heard some great stories, worked on princess crowns and wands then ended the day over princess cupcakes to celebrate! All in fun today and it was perfect!
I will miss working with my wonderful friends over school planning, Holly will miss her friends at preschool each week and we'll miss preschool in general -- but it was a superb experience, we both learned so much and have created so many incredible memories!!!
Holly planned out her Tinkerbell hair style... it turned out very cute, just like Tink. Ferry dust and all!
I introduce to you our upcoming Kindergartner... she is so very excited and proud!

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