Thursday, June 24, 2010

Family Walk

Tonight after dinner we headed out for a family walk. It has been a week or two since we have been out for one, much to long for our tastes. Typically we do a family walk at least a couple times a week.... so this was a treat we have all missed!

I don't always bring along my camera, but once in a while I do. I like to capture some of those everyday moments we have in life... the ones that are normally overlooked. The camera is guaranteed to make it out for a special event, but the everyday stuff - we have to remind ourselves sometimes. Today was the day to bring along the camera and Holly loved it! She was asking for me to take photos of a lot of things, I did - but I'll only share a few here.
On our walk we were trying to slow down and take a peek at some nature along the way. We found pretty flowers, berries of all kinds (friendly and not friendly), mushrooms, a few nurse logs, a caterpillar, tons of birds and a rabbit. Part way through our walk we stopped at the playground for her to burn off some energy... then we headed back on our walk.

A wonderful evening!

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