Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nisqually Delta & Friends

Monday we headed down to the Nisqually Delta preserve that we love so much with several friends. The day's weather was perfect, not too hot and not too cold.

First we spent some time in the covered building area checking out the various bird nests that were scattered about. They were alive with a lot of bird action - babies galore as the parents kept coming back to feed them. It was very entertaining. The babies were even peeking out at us to see what was happening.
Then we gathered up and headed out on a nature walk... or run if you are the 5 and under crowd! The kids were wonderful, they slowed down in parts to observe - enjoy the various binoculars and magnifying glass.

And, my favorite photo of the day...

Good Friends!!!

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Ariana said...

Why do I not come by your blog regularly anymore? I love your blog! I need to remember to stop by.

I'm a teensy bit jealous of where you live. I know I shouldn't be because I do love Arizona but my gosh it's gorgeous there!

Holly looks so cute in these pictures. I love her hair up like that.

I never would have imagined looking at your pictures that she's as spirited as Brooklyn. I really had no idea!

Sorry if this posts twice, my computer keeps glitching when I hit publish.