Thursday, June 3, 2010

Nature Journal

Holly has this little notebook that she received from Grandma Annette some time ago. She has been saving it for something special she said, refusing to use it all this time. About a week ago she was inspired by a book we are reading about her American Girl doll, named Lanie, who is a nature girl that keeps a nature journal. She records all things in nature that she sees.
Holly is now keeping her own little nature journal in this special notebook. She is recording birds she sees from our yard. Right outside of our front window in the living room we have set up several different bird feeders, shrubs and a bird house. This area has a lot of bird activity that she adores watching!
Holly draws the birds as she sees them and labels them. If it is a new bird, we look it up together and learn about it. Holly plans to add other items from nature to her journal too - bugs, critters, trees, plants, etc... as we come across them. We are heading camping this weekend and she plans to bring her notebook along to record some nature she discovers. I think she will enjoy many great moments with her nature journal and learning about new animals along the way!

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Yvonne said...

I am so impressed with her bird drawings, they are awesome. :)