Sunday, June 27, 2010

Farmer's Market

Saturday morning I took the kids down to the farmer's market here in town, a wonderful market too! We shopped for fresh produce - in which I let Holly select, bring to the host and pay. She had a fun time dealing with the money and picking all of our veggies. Holly even chose a zucchini... we'll see how she likes it this week! She had a good time shopping.

We browsed the market, shared a pretzel, got a balloon animal, enjoyed beautiful flowers, listened to some music, ran into various folks we know and bumped into some friends that made for a good time on the playground.

The highlight of the market for Holly though was the 'Chalk the Walk' activity that was being hosted. They had cups of artist chalk in really bright colors for the kids to use - books on chalk art to use if they wanted and artists scattered about the walk that the kids could talk to or work next too. It was really cool! When she first started the walk was covered in kids coloring, drawing and designing -- very fun! Here is an artist she decided to work next too.
I love, love, love these kinds of free community activities that draw nice crowds and offer the kids something fun/different to explore with people in their neighborhoods! Sometimes we often try to fill up our time with stuff that we pay for... like the zoo, children's museums or bouncy house places - when in reality Holly enjoys these kinds of moments just as much, if not more! When I read of cool community events like these we add them to our calendar often and make a point of getting out to enjoy and support them!

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