Thursday, March 5, 2009


Our goal this year is to get Holly swimming in some manner so that her water safety is a bit better. When she was younger Bryan and Holly did take a few sessions at the YMCA, however those classes are very full (along with many other classes being taught) and we found it was much to distracting for her. A friend turned us on to a local high school pool that offers a few nights of free swim for the community. We have ventured out a few times now and have enjoyed some really fun evenings as a family.

Since we spend so much time around water, with kayaking and camping, we feel it is very important for her to get swimming down sooner than later. So, we'll be spending many nights at the pool and hopefully making a little progress with her. If we find it is just too hard, we'll seek out a personal swim trainer for her later this Spring -- in the mean time we are having a really nice time swimming together. And, it is a real energy burner for us all... something we could all use!

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