Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Big Ideas

Holly's fourth birthday is coming up soon... yes, four! Crazy, as I have no idea where the past four years have gone and this is coming from a family who really tries to take life slow and leisurely.

For her fourth birthday present we are going to create a wonderful little zone in our yard that is just for her - a playhouse with an exploration garden surrounding it. Flowers, shrubs, trees, plants, rocks, logs, birdhouses, bird freeders and a frog bog (okay... that one might be for me too!) It will be her own little corner of the world to just kick back, play house, hang out with little friends, explore the garden and take in the world. And, well -- we too will reap the benefits of a cute garden addition of course.

The plan as of right now is to remove a portion of our enormous concrete pad and build her playhouse area there. This will also serve as a way to soften the hard gray surfaces, reduce the heat that happens with our concrete, offer a nice play zone that is easily seen from the house, garage and side patio where we often bbq and relax. Kind of a win, win for us all!

We are pretty excited to get moving on this soon; as we will also be centering her little birthday party around it - a garden/playhouse theme. Lot's to do, a bunch of work ahead of us, family recruited to help and soon we'll break ground! I'll post some progress photos as we get going - should be fun to watch!


linda said...

What a cute idea, I am looking forward to seeing pictures.. Holly is going to love this..

Ariana said...

I truly can't believe she's going to be four!! I am seriously amazed at how fast the last year or so since I started looking at your blog has went.

I love the idea of the little garden and exploratoin area! You are giving her such a great childhood :)