Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mommy & Daughter Time

Yesterday we skipped our normal routine and instead I took Holly with me to the local plant nursery, Watsons. I brought along our sketch of the upcoming playhouse/garden and we went in search of some ideas for our plantings. She spent time walking with me as we searched out various plants and trees we liked. Holly pointed out items she thought were neat and we read many labels to learn about various items. A lot of exploration!

Holly enjoyed doing this for over an hour. No complaints. No fussing. No distractions. She honestly was fully engaged in seeking out ideas for her garden and our yard, she had input, commented on her likes and dislikes and even made some suggestions I hadn't thought of yet. It was wonderful!

After getting a bit cold we decided to head in for lunch. The nursery has a little lunch nook inside, nothing fancy - just your normal sandwiches and salad. We took a seat and Holly began a full conversation with me discussing our day, her new garden and she ordered a salad to enjoy for lunch because she wanted to be a big girl. We had a really nice time, a nice little lunch and most of all a great memory of some quality Mommy & Daughter time! I loved every moment of it!!!

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Yvonne said...

Could there be any more love or excitement going into this project? I think not!