Monday, March 30, 2009

Camping Weekend

This weekend we ventured out to experience our first nights at camping this year. Pretty early, pretty wet and pretty chilly. However we fared well and had a nice, relaxing time. A friend invited us to join them for the weekend at their lake property. We camped on the property, however it was pretty laid back for 'camping' it was like a mini retreat instead.

We spent Saturday exploring a couple of close park areas. We checked out a local state park for future camping, which unfortunately is slated to close due to budget cuts in our state. Very sad! I have sent in my email to our legislature already and we'll drop our postcards later today, hoping to have our voices heard. I wish there were other ways to save funds.

We also explored a forest road near Staircase and Lake Cushman. My first time doing so - it was fun. You could go on forever in that area - I had no idea. We plan to check out a lake or two off of the roads when we camp there later this summer. Right now they are all closed off, to early in the year I guess.


We are Family! said...

Looks like fun! Brrrrrr..

sarahlee13 said...

Yeah I remember we used to follow the river sometimes with the trails sometimes without and find roads, that took us forever. Then you realized how far you walked, and had to walk to get back anywhere close to where people might be! :) Glad you guys had fun! That sucks about closing down parks! I know here we getting hit heavy with things with all the cutbacks too! Schools a big one here!