Saturday, December 6, 2008

Zoo Lights

Thursday night we headed on down to Zoo Lights at the local zoo - it was sooo nice! There was *nobody* there, honestly it was empty. Most likely not good for the zoo at all, but it was really nice for us as there were no crowds for anything at all, Woo Hoo!

We started out the night with a 'hot picnic' out or our car - which was fun! We arrived early after Bryan got off of work. I made a pasta dinner in our crock pot, some other goodies and packed our camping chairs. We parked on an end spot and set up shop - holiday music, christmas lights for enjoying, hot food on a chilly night - in the dark! It was fun and I think it will make for a neat tradition each year - a fun, unique way to go out.

Point Defiance Zoo does a wonderful job with designing the various light displays and the flow through their zoo. They eve have some animal displays still open for enjoyment, including the aquarium areas... one of Holly's favorites! Overall, we had a very nice night!

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We are Family! said...

LOVE the pics! That is one of our fav traditions too! Mia was just asking me "when are we going to see the Zoo lights?"