Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I have not posted much this past week or so with the holiday and Bryan taking some vacation time - it kept me busy. Our trip home from Leavenworth was greeted by snow - a beautiful, wholesome dumping of snow... about 10 inches for us! We loved it. I know, not everyones favorite thing in the world but I truly love it. I enjoy how the world slows down, the sights are clean and soft, the muffled sound of life outside is quiet and peaceful and the smell in the chilly air is simply refreshing... I was in heaven the past week! Life was gentle, patient and festive.

We ventured out to enjoy the snowflakes many time; sledding in the yard, making snow angels, venturing on small excursions, playing with friends and catching flakes on our tongues. It was a very fun week. The best part -- we technically had a white Christmas! I cannot remember ever having a white Christmas... so this was a wonderful treat!

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