Monday, December 1, 2008

Nice Long Weekend...

This weekend was a nice one! Having Bryan home is always fun. We had a great Thanksgiving dinner, Friday morning we ventured out to finish up some holiday shopping for Holly... and can you believe that when Bryan & I were doling out the stores we'd hit -- he took Walmart!!! Seriously, he took Walmart! Wow -Father of the year here, LOL! I headed to Toys R Us and Target which had enormously long lines but it was worth it and I personally enjoyed it.

Friday afternoon Annette and Sue came over and we spent the whole afternoon and evening scrapping and paper crafting. I finished some unfinished projects, which was really nice. It was nice to relax and play with good company. Holly and Bryan enjoyed a leisurely day of playing, the park and a walk.

Saturday we had a nice family day that started with a long (kind of hard) walk in University Place. There is a new golf course out there that overlooks the water and is cut into an old gravel/sand pit. It is a long walk around it, but mainly a all the way "down" and an all the way "up" walk. We really enjoyed it though, the weather was very nice, we played along the way and burned some serious energy and calories. So much for the calorie burn though... as we headed to Olive Garden for lunch afterwards. My Mom & Dad had given us a gift card for our birthdays and we have been waiting to use it when we have a free day to enjoy - that was Saturday. It was nice! Saturday night we headed down to the Old Cannery for a view of the holiday lights and more.

And, Sunday we hung out around the house to play and I did a few errands. Then we went to dinner with Don & Sue at Stanley and Seaforts. That was really nice! I can rarely think of time when just the four of us can get out with no children to care for. Having dinner with them was a great treat and Holly had fun with "Ristina" aka Kristina. (Holly has the hardest time with Kristina's name, not sure why. Especially considering her closest friend is Kristin which she has no problems saying - very close names, yest Kristina is hard for her).

Overall a GREAT weekend!!!

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