Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Tonight Bryan had a haircut.... a much needed hair cut. He has curly hair, so as it grows it gets lots of little curls - kinda cute actually. Well, he came home from his hair cut and Holly stops and looks at him.... and says "All of your curls are gone! My Daddy has curlies in his hair." Bryan proceeds to ask, "What do you mean?" She explains that her daddy has all these little 'curlies' in his hair (motioning little curls with her fingers). I jump in and say, well it is still Daddy - just with a haircut. She replies... "No, he's not my Daddy.... he's just a regular Daddy now!" (With a saddened face). Bryan looked sad to!

It was all very cute!

Now I am curious as to how long Bryan will go without a haircut this time... LOL!