Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pacific Science Center

Bryan took Friday off from work to enjoy a long holiday weekend, this is a nice tradition for us over the holidays. We have been really wanting to head up to the Pacific Science Center but to do it on the weekends was just not an option for us... crowds are not our thing. So, we went Friday and it was so nice and so empty!
We enjoyed a bit of Winterfest at the Centerhouse as well - we listened to various school choirs, enjoyed the train exhibit, had lunch and even went over to watch the ice skating rink... Holly loved this! It was her first time seeing ice skating in real life - she wants to wait a few years... good choice kiddo! The skating rink in itself was worth it as all the little kids were funny and the big kids were hilarious - a nice treat over mochas and sweet cakes.
At the science center we enjoyed the butterfly house, the planetarium, kids area and dinosaur exhibit the most. But, we played the whole day away! A great family day together!Holly & Bryan comparing butterflies.

I had a butterfly land on me....


We are Family! said...

Such a FUN place! The girls LOVE to visit the Science Center!

Elizabeth said...

Goodness you take great pictures! that looks like a blast.