Monday, November 17, 2008

We welcomed our tree....

This past friday night we put up our Christmas tree and enjoyed a fun family night of decorating it as we listened to holiday music. It was a fun night. Now, before I hear "What?"... it's not *that* early! And, Thanksgiving is so late this month we are losing a whole weekend of holiday decor. As well, we will be gone in a couple of weekends to Leavenworth - hence losing an entire weekend of our decor. That coupled with the fact that Holly is just beside herself for all things Christmas - we dicided, what the heck and suprised her Friday night with our tree! She loves it!

This week I will continue to decorate the house - although I am toning it down a lot simply because it is a lot of work to put up, we are busy and it is a lot of work to clean and take down. So, I will tone it down some this year and relax to 'enjoy' the season! We have already broke out our holiday books and have been reading them, watched a movie or two and this weekend we will take in our first holiday light show - I cannot wait!

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