Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Library Days

In the living room I have a large worn wicker basket plopped next to the couch that is always overflowing with books. The coffee table is stacked with seasonal books or books on topics we are learning about that week. The car... is always loaded with books. Books are just part of our every day! Our personal bookshelves are filling by the day as we all love books in this house. The bookstore is a favorite past time for us. And, the library is a big part of our life! We head to the library at least once a week, every Monday, and typically more than that. It is just part of who we are.

So each week we sort through our books (music & movies) and decide which ones are ready for return, which ones we would like too keep an extra week and which ones we may want to check out again some day soon. We load up the book bag till the seams are bulging, I carry the extras with me in hand and then we head out the door for the library.

The next hour is usually spent returning books, selecting new ones to enjoy and a little bit of library entertainment - like puzzles that are out, we read a few stories and if the computer is open with kid games on it then we partake. I also choose a subject we have to 'look' for each time - sometimes we use the computer together and sometimes we recruit the librarian for their help and then we go on a book hunt together. I want Holly comfortable with this process as we emerge into reading and schooling.

We love our library days... I hope you do to!


sarahlee13 said...

I'm so glad you guys like the library!

My kids love it too, they love it when they can drive mom to work and spend time at the library, and Echo really loves it when she can go to work with me on her days off from school. It's so nice to work somewhere that is totally okay with this and even ask her to come sometimes too! Alex can not wait until he's old enough to come with me too!

Working at the library is by far the best job I have ever had!!!

Keep it up, from what I know from working at the library, the staff actually love having customers come through and love to see kids the most!!!

FlipFlop Mom said...

I LOVE the library...
I call it my second home.. ( but the cleaner and quieter one).. however .. once in a great while you get the strangest people in there...

Your daughter is adorable!!!!