Monday, November 10, 2008

Mini Mud Puddle

Yesterday Hawk & Bryan were brewing all day... a Christmas brew. With brewing comes the hose and lot's of excess water, creating some small mud puddles in our drive area. As well, it is fall and it has been raining so in general the grounds are a nice muddy mess right now.

Holly bundled up and headed out for some wet play in the mud. She adores being in mud puddles - in fact we quiet often bundle up and head down our drive to the largest puddles for enjoyment! Before Bryan fixed an existing drainage issue we used to get mud puddles that would require life guards on duty - fun for boat play in the dead of winter! Not too many can lay claim to that. However, now that the drainage issue have been resolved - we have nothing but mini mud puddles to enjoy... so enjoy is exactly what Holly did!

Look at that face.... What a stinker!

Okay, that's better!

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