Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Children's Museum

Monday I took Holly to our local children's museum in Tacoma. This is a cute little spot that is never crowded, just the right size and offers some great playtime, especially when it is rainy outside. The museum recently changed out their exhibits to a 'story' theme - The Adventures of Raven and Coyote. These two stories are tales/lore from the Native Americans - The Raven was about how the sun came to the sky and The Coyote was about how he obtained his dark grey coloring. It was fun and really Holly's first interaction with this kind of tale, Native Art and culture - made for a cool day!

They recently revamped their art studio too, my favorite part by far. The new studio has more painting space, lot's more crafty selection out for kids to enjoy. A hug magnet wall, a weaving wall, a window wall to draw on and a building area with lot's of different building toys and sculptures. Such a fun, fun room!!!

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