Thursday, November 6, 2008

Gray Days

The rains have began, better known as the 'pineapple express' in our region. Rain, cold, wet, chill, gray days... it is all here! While I love fall, I do not like this wet weather. The rain is harder to take now that Holly is in our lives, simply because we cannot get outside nearly as much for true solid playtime (except for rain boot & mud puddle fun). Summer months are filled with hours of outdoor play on the big toy, running in the grass, riding her bike, chasing the butterflies, playing at the park or swimming in her kiddy pool. Fall starts out nice with crisp clear days checkered with the beautiful warm colors of leaves... the kind I love, then it slowly fills up with the weather we are experiencing now. Forcing us inside, a lot!

We are venturing out to find indoor activities to enjoy that are not 'home'. Today was a good example as we tried out a new indoor play center called Charlie's Safari and it was great! We went with a friend and the kids had a nice time. We will also start seeking out the indoor mall play areas, bouncy house places, friends to play with at home, etc... which is fun. But, the gray days do make it hard to want to head out at all - even though it is good for us to do.

This wet time of year mainly makes me want to snuggle down and be cozy at home! Turn that fire up, cuddle with Holly and read some stories or catch a good kids movie. Cancel out the calendar and just say no to 'stuff' and yes to simple empty days filled with comfort foods for dinner and a cup of cocoa over a good board game at night. I have that cozy urge right now, stay in and stay dry! Maybe it is time for a sun filled vacation?

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We are Family! said...

ohhhh Liberty....wait until Jan or Feb to take a sun filled vacation. You will REALLY need one by that point!!!! : )-