Monday, April 27, 2009

So Little Time

The past couple weeks have literally flown by - it is quiet amazing actually! I have spent little time on the computer to write and update, but here are some more photos to share.

I finished painting the walls inside, a shade of orange - Holly's choice and a bit of pink to add a bit of fun. This is the little table and stool set we have picked out for the playhouse as well. The kitchen portion will hopefully be built in the next week or so. It is turning out so adorable!
Today Bryan and Hawk finished off the living roof. We do still need to fill it with gardening soil and then we can plant it. They worked on it all day perfecting the project - it looks awesome!!! A lot of hard work for something pretty cool I think!


Ariana said...

She is SO lucky! lol.
I cannot even believe that you guys are doing that and how fast it's coming together! (or maybe that's just on my end since I only see the updated pictures and am not doing the work! ha)

I really LOVE the paint color inside. That's one of my favorites right now :)

Anonymous said...

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