Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A new little obsession - Bento style snacks?

Nothing like cute or pretty presented foods, right? At least I think so!

A while back I learned a bit more about Bentos, in a more traditional manor. Then I met a gal who does this Bento style packing/preperaions of food for her kids - simply for fun! I learned more about it online -- Here are some *fun* bento links (not traditional - very american) - http://bentoanarchy.blogspot.com/ http://www.bentocorner.com/roller/page/bentoblog?catname=%2FBento http://ss-biggie.livejournal.com/

I have tracked down some supplies. Cute little boxes for traveling about our day, little ramekin styles dishes in fun animals & shapes, fun picks for foods, etc... Holly *loved* shopping with me and picking out items that caught her eye. Better yet, this was all at a dollar style store -- how great is that, find a new little thing that a dollar store can support. I am in heaven! :)

Here are some of our fun finds we will be playing with over the next few weeks as we master our packing of foods for lunches out and about town, snacks at home for fun and some to share when we attend events with our friends or family.


We are Family! said...

How CUTE!!! May I ask where you got all your containers?

Liberty said...

Hi Jen,

I picked most of it up at Daiso in the South Hill Mall - it's a Japanese store similar to a dollar store. Everything there is $1.50 unless noted otherwise. Cheap -- BUT, I heard they are closing in a week or so. The stuff is so fun & cute and best of all... cheap :)