Friday, February 15, 2008

Sunshine & Slowing Down

The weather here -- has finally been NICE! Yay! It is simply amazing what a little sun can do for the soul. Now, I may not be telling you this week - had it not been for the little 2 year old in the family.

This week as I was out and about with Holly attempting to fulfill an errand list about two pages long she pointed out the sun and how pretty it was. We were talking about it driving to our next destination. When I went to get her out and transfer her to a shopping cart - she said "Momma, stop." So, I stopped and asked "What?". "Can we just go play?" Of course in my mind I am thinking... well, not right now. Before I responded she said "It's so sunny & pretty, let's play ~ please?"

It hit me at that moment... "You know what - you are right Holly! It is pretty and we should go play!" So, that we did. We loaded right back up. Put all errands on hiatus and drove to the park. She & I played the lunchtime away -climbing, sliding, running and talking.... all in the sun! It felt so good! I felt rejuvinated and she was having a blast. It wouldn't have happened without her direction though -- a wise 2 year old! In fact, we had so much fun -- we came home called her little buddies & mommies and arranged for another fun park day the next morning! What a week --- I don't know about you, but my soul sure feels a lot better!

Here is to the sunshine! And, here is my sunshine :)

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