Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The House... What to do?

The holiday decor is all put away and we are back the bones of our home. The evergreen garland can no longer disguise the insulation that sticks out around the door ways. Little fingers can once again discover the joys of picking it out. No, not Holly -- usually an unsuspecting playmate. >cringe<

So, as the blah of missing holiday decor settles in ~ Bryan & I once again discuss our direction with the house. Should we stay? Should we go? Do we need a neighborhood for Holly? Is a big yard and all the upkeep that comes with it really worth it? Just how much do you do to a home if you're just not sure you want to stay? What kind of financial commitment is worth it without killing the prospect of retirement *with* health insurance, potential for travel and hobbies. LOL!

Now, those who now us closely are most likely beyond tired of this topic :) We understand! But, a home... well that is pretty important. It is your sanctuary, where you rest your soul at night, play with your family, entertain for fun and hope to just relax and ponder the joys of life. Sometimes that can all be hard when your task list is looming overhead. I am sure you all face this, in some sense.

We went and checked out some new homes this weekend. They are beautiful of course! But, lack any kind of reasonable space called a yard. No where for us to run & play, for Holly to stretch out as a child and explore and little space for private entertaining. I mean, you can't light a fire, roast marshmallows and drink wine with the neighbors bedroom window right there... they just might not appreciate it :)

This ending to Winter will most likely focus on house discussion for us. Our two year mark, glorious capital gains, is glimmering on the horizon... oh the temptations! But, in my heart I think we'll stay - put in a lot more blood, sweat & tears. After all, at some point you do have to stay put - right?

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